PCB Design Tutorial for Beginners (Altium v20 Edition)

Here’s a quick tutorial series I did for those curious about using Altium Designer version 20 and who want to get into printed circuit board design as well. Or if you’re experienced but just enjoy learning, then this video series is for you, too. Enjoy this 3 hour guide split up into 17 videos you can watch at any time.

Getting Started with Altium Designer 20

In these series you will learn the following topics:

  • Schematics
  • Schematic Symbol Creation
  • PCB Footprint Creation
  • Altium 365
  • Design Variants
  • Not Fitted Parts or DNP
  • Bill of Materials (or BOM) generation
  • PCB component placement and strategy
  • PCB routing strategy
  • Generating Gerber, ODB++, IPC-2581, IPC-D-356 Net List data
  • Drafting and documentation
  • 3D STEP model of your Printed Circuit Board

This series covers just enough to get your feet wet and a board finished without getting too in depth. You can borrow some principles from the series to adapt to your own process and your designs.

I also answer some common questions regarding component placement and also routing.

I explain reasons why you may want to lay out and route parts on your PCB, instead of just placing parts with no specific reason.

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