Altium vs. OrCAD / Allegro – Which PCB Design Software Do I Prefer?

I regularly use OrCAD and Altium to do hardware PCB designs. I have more experience in Allegro and OrCAD than I do in Altium and like both for different reasons.

One question people occassionally ask me is “Kirsch which software do you prefer?” or “Kirsch, which one would you recommend for my situation?” and my answer changes depending on who needs to benefit.

In this blog post, I’d like to highlight the main reasons I choose one ECAD software over the other. More details will be added to this post as I gain more time to fill out the details.

  • User experience: Altium
  • Simulation: Allegro / OrCAD
  • Overall horsepower: Allegro and OrCAD
  • Job opportunities: Allegro/OrCAD
  • Aesthetics: Altium
  • Computer Performance per watt: OrCAD
  • Collaboration: Altium
  • Freelance: Altium
  • Trust and certainty my design will be fabricated properly and work: OrCAD and Altium. Slightly more OrCAD.

My opinions will change as I gain the same level of experience in Altium as I have in Allegro and OrCAD (10 and 4 years, respectively).

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